Big Changes in 2018 + I Need Your Help!

We have an entirely new look to the podcast! Check out the beautiful hand-drawn podcast cover above and all over our social media platforms, thanks to the work of Francesca Richer and Astrid Lewis at

The fabulous new photo (and the photos below) are from Brooklyn-based photographer Erin Silber who does empowerment portraits. I love that because historically, photos of women have been about capturing their beauty and often for men it’s about capturing their power. Her empowerment portraits capture your power. We should all have a badass portrait of ourselves, don’t you think? She also does family photos, headshots, and events so make sure you check her out here.

My other big announcement is that Women Killing It is going biweekly for now.

I’ve been super busy over the last year writing and speaking about fake news after I wrote an article for Forbes called Why Fake News is An Antitrust Problem.

Why do I think this issue is incredibly important? Because as long as we have foreign interference in our elections, our democracy is at risk.

The second thing I’m keeping busy with is looking at how monopolies hurt women.

I could really use your help with this!

I am trying to understand the ways that women feel the effects of concentrated economic and political power on a daily basis. I wrote an article for Forbes called How Monopolies Make Gender Inequality Worse, and I’m digging deeper into that.

Sexism and monopolization have a lot in common. Sexism wrongfully excludes women and deprives them of equal opportunity to compete on a level playing field, just like monopolies do to startups and smaller firms. Sexism excludes less powerful competitors, prevents competition on the merits, and tilts the scales in favor of the powerful.

The glass ceiling is just another cartel.

I know that monopolies and oligopolies disproportionately harm female workers, and I want to hear your stories about this issue.

If there are only a couple of companies in a sector, it's harder to escape a hostile work environment, harder to bargain for equal pay, and harder to demand benefits like family leave.

When this happens, workers lose. Who benefits? Those in the C-suite, which are mostly white men, and the shareholders.

Concentrated economic power disproportionately harms female entrepreneurs.

The concentration of VC funds among white men is both missing profitable opportunities and skewing the playing field in favor of male founders.

I'd love to hear your stories and experiences of these issues.

Have you seen your wages drop as a result of a corporate merger or lost your job? Do you have many options for employers? Have you tried to raise money for a business venture? How do you feel your choices are limited as a consumer when you're paying your cable bill, for example? How do you feel that on a daily basis?

I want to hear your stories! Email me at or to share.

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