Ep. 67: My Struggles To Kill It With Ease

"After thinking about all of the women I've spoke to on this podcast and thinking about all of their advice, I concluded that I did the right thing by just being me."

In this episode, host Sally Hubbard shares recent happenings in her life as she implements the advice of the women she interview on this podcast. She talks about advice from Sallie Krawcheck, in which she said "success is not an endpoint and failure is not fatal," as she reflects on two very different speaking engagements she did recently. Sally also shares her realization that she has to start making self-care a priority, as so many of her guests have emphasized. How to kill it with ease is the ultimate challenge, and she invites you to take it on with her.

"We need to be nourishing ourselves through the process, celebrating the successes, learning what we can from the [failures], not taking it personally, loving ourselves, and moving on."

"I've been going for it. I've been putting myself out there. But another bit of advice I've heard from so many of my guests that I'm really not following through enough on is the importance of self-care."

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