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Ep. 15: Carla Ten Eyck Loves Her Job as a World-Traveling Wedding Photographer

"No matter what, I'm going to live my life eyes up heart open. No matter how much it hurts, that's how I'm going to live life. I'm not going to live life in a shell and I'm not going to run my business in a shell. I'm going to run my business with an open heart and I'm going to be open to connecting with clients, with people in my life...that motto just carries through everything I do."

This episode features entrepreneur, creator, and world-traveling photographer Carla Ten Eyck.

In this week's episode, we chat with Carla on travel, doing a job you love, the power of telling your story, living her life eyes up heart open, setting boundaries, and her many creative projects. She has found success doing a job she loves, and she credits this to her natural confidence, ability to break down tasks into manageable chunks, and accountability group of female photographers. Although she still feels like a 17 year old rather than a 43 year old with two kids and a business, Carla has realized her own value and that she has ample wisdom to share.

"I know there's something I want to do in a year, but there's something I need to do in two months to get that started. It's like planting a garden, but it's your life."


  • Don’t get overwhelmed by large jobs; create a list and break it down.
  • Tackle your self doubt.
  • Leave gaps in your schedule for the things that come up unexpectedly.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Carla is a photographer who owns her own studio.
  • The studio photographers mostly work on weddings and events.
  • Carla works on a few personal projects to keep fueling her inspiration, including a podcast called Eyes Up Heart Open.
  • The podcast has published 2 episodes so far focusing on terminal cancer and Sandy Hook.
  • Carla also teaches photography and other life goal related subjects.
  • She is a member of an accountability group of female photographers who meet monthly.
  • Standing out from competitors is about having an important connection with your client.
  • Daughters hear everything and learn their confidence from you.
  • A career highlight was being in Barbados with work and people asking and caring about her opinion.
  • Carla sometimes still feels like a 17 year old kid even though she is a 43 year old woman with 2 kids and a business.

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Photo credit: Jeremie Barlow​.