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Ep. 17: Stephanie Dalfonzo Owns Her Brilliance and Transforms Lives

"Own your brilliance. Don't chalk it up to luck, because what happens is many times when things come naturally to us, we just assume that they come naturally to everyone."

This episode features Stephanie Dalfonzo, who wears many hats as a coacher, healer, transformational speaker, yogi, and podcast host of The Power to Change Your Life.

In this episode, Stephanie tells her story of re-entering the paid labor force when facing her husband's life threatening medical crisis. We discuss Stephanie's career path, conquering fear, overcoming Impostor Syndrome, and letting go of perfection. You won't want to miss this inspiring episode!

"Let go of the need to be perfect...we expect ourselves to be perfect, but we would never expect anybody else to be perfect. When we feel like we need to be perfect, it leads to anxiety."

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Before her career as a coach, healer, speaker, yogi & podcast host, Stephanie spent 15 years as a radio DJ in South Florida
  • Stephanie left her job to follow her husband and support the family but had to find work when her husband’s liver failure made her fear for his passing.
  • She trained in self help techniques and now practices hypnotherapy, EFT, essential oils and sound therapy.
  • Stephanie recommends all young women find a mentor who is a few steps ahead of them in life.
  • Impostor syndrome is more common in successful people.
  • If things come naturally to us, we assume they come naturally to everyone.
  • We expect ourselves to be perfect, but wouldn’t expect the same from a friend.
  • Go and purposefully make a mistake to see that the world doesn’t end.
  • Stephanie believes all problems are rooted in fear, developed at a time in our youth.
  • Perfectionism is a problem that often occurs among more women than men.
  • Losing this perfectionism doesn't mean you'll lose your drive.
  • The best thing you can do for your child is work on yourself.


  • Own your brilliance, don't be afraid to let people know what you're good at.

  • You don't have to go it alone. Reach out when you need help.

  • Just get your product out there; don't hide behind perfectionism.

  • Go gentle on yourself.

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