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Ep. 2: Erin Kelly Creates Powerful Princess to Empower Girls

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Erin Kelly turns the princess narrative on its head with her company Powerful Princess, teaching stories of princesses who have been leaders throughout world history. She uses the stories to empower girls and to teach them lessons they can use in every day life. Erin once even created a custom class about a Muslim princess to lift the spirits of a Muslim girl who felt lonely at her school.  In launching her business, Erin learned to dive right in and figure it out as she goes along.


- You don't need to know everything before you start; you can learn by doing.

- Jump in and just get started.


"Slaving away in the boring corporate job is not so safe any more"

Playing powerful princesses "is so much more fun than putting the shoe back on the Polly Pocket"

"I wish I had jumped in sooner and just started"

Key notes:

- Erin is the founder of Power Princess, running parties and workshops focusing on real princesses in history who triumphed over obstacles.

- Erin started telling the story of Cleopatra to her daughter to distract from Cinderella!

- The Cleopatra stories grew into an after school club, which expanded so quickly it ended up with a waiting list.

- The focus and play became about ruling, rather than cleaning like Cinderella.

- Erin is starting to write a book about these powerful princesses.

- Erin has covered many varied princesses in her lessons, including: Elizabeth 1, Catherine the Great, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Nzinga of West Africa, Himiko of Japan.

- The lessons are built to focus on elements that are relevant for children.

- Erin has been contacted by journalism students asking to make video projects about her work.

- One of Erin's mentors is her old lecturer at Yale who encouraged her to find the personal aspect of the princesses stories to balance the academic side.