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Ep. 21: Jennefer Witter Owns It With Boutique PR Firm The Boreland Group

"When I was in college, being an entrepreneur never occurred to me. I would say to women, don't be so rigid. Life is not a concrete stone. Allow things to come to you and see where they lead you...just take a moment and be still and see where things are going, and sometimes you need to go with the flow because the flow is going to take you in the direction you need to be."

Jennefer Witter, author of The Little Book of Big PR and CEO and Founder of boutique PR firm The Boreland Group, shares her inspiring career path and so many pearls of wisdom learned in her journey. Confidence and a can-do attitude is critical to success in Jennefer's view, and she encourages women to walk into a room like they own it -- faking confidence if need be. Jennefer's interview will encourage you to "go forth and conquer" and support other women as you do.

In this episode, we talk about Jennefer's book, entrepreneurship, quitting her job to found The Boreland Group, how she saved her business during the recession, how she took what she learned in her previous jobs and applied it to her own company, how she feels about failure and fear, the importance of being confident, and saying yes to opportunities even when you don't know exactly how you'll do something.

"Sometimes the road is filled with crooked turns. Be amenable to the bend in your road and make sure you're open to following it...keep moving forward."


  • Before writing your book, talk about it on social media and create interest because publishers want to see this. 
  • Sometimes you need to just stop, take a moment and be still.
  • Walk into a room like you own it and fake your confidence.
  • Listen to your language and never say “just”.
  • The best test of your strength is when you get up and move forward.
  • Everything you learn throughout your career will come together at some point and be valuable.
  • Never give up. Keep moving forward. Don't stop. 
  • Don't start from a place of "I am wrong, I can't do this" start out with "I am right, I CAN do this."
  • Be confident and know your worth. 
  • Every kick is a boost, so boost yourself up. Move forward and hold onto that confidence because you are fabulous. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  • If you're doing good work, keep doing it. 
  • You have to speak up for yourself. No one is going to know how great you are until you tell them.
  • Stop with the sorry! Unless you have burned a building down, don't apologize. Women have a tendency to over-apologize. 
  • Support other women. When one of us is strong, all of us become stronger. 
  • Madeline Albright said, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women." 
  • There will be times when you feel defeated and discouraged. Know you are not alone and know that the best test of your strength is when you get up and move forward.
  • Take what makes you unique and embrace it. 

"Don't allow what you may think is a roadblock to stop you. Walk around it. Keep going. You definitely have the abilities to climb over that obstacle."

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Jennefer is founder and CEO of the Boreland Group, a boutique PR firm.
  • She has also written a book called The Little Book of Big PR.
  • She founded the Boreland Group 13 years ago after quitting her corporate day job at Ketcham.
  • She survived the crash of 2008 by having a diverse set of skills and clients.
  • Jennefer never planned to be an entrepreneur and always thought of herself as an employee.
  • She created her business because she wanted somewhere where family and life came first.
  • Jennefer originally wanted to be a broadcast journalist.
  • She has no fear because she was brought up by a fearless single mother who worked as a nurse to support 5 children.
  • Her confidence comes from being knocked down in the past and learning from those moments.
  • Jennefer has never allowed a knowledge roadblock to stop her, she just says yes and then learns quickly.
  • Jennefer has frequently been on the receiving end of negative unconscious bias in the past.
  • Jennefer has made her gender and race part of her brand.
  • Leading by example will educate all. Ignore the stupid!

"For me there's no choice. You have to succeed and you have to have confidence...walk into a room like you own it. Tap that confidence and even if you have to fake it, fake it because you can do have it, you can do it, and if you don't know how to do it figure out how to do it and move forth and conquer."

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