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Ep. 30: Sheri Scott, Principal of Scott Architecture, Creates Her Own Reality as a Businesswoman and a Mom

"We can all do a very good service to all women by really reaching out and building up young women."

In the ongoing quest for women to "have it all," Sheri Scott is one woman who figured it out. Despite the architecture field being male-dominated and notoriously inflexible, Sheri sought out and found a part time job that allowed her to build a family and a successful career. She bravely launched Scott Architecture at the start of the last recession, and she is preparing to grow it even further as she approaches the empty nest phase of life. Listen to Sheri's inspiring story of creating her own reality, paying it forward, and choosing her priorities rather than having them chosen for her.

In this episode, we discuss Sheri's book, founding Scott Architecture, working part time, the importance of finding community, finding direction in her business, challenges she faced in growing her business, asking for help, not having all the answers, strategies she uses to make her busy life more manageable, letting go of guilt, and more!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Sheri is the founder of Scott Architecture
  • She is also the author of a book Dream, Inspire, Design: What a Residential Architect Wants to Tell You about the Custom Home Process
  • She decided to write the book for her clients to read before the first meeting so answer all the most common questions.
  • Sheri started Scott Architecture in 2008 just before the recession hit.
  • While starting her business Sheri stayed in her part time role and juggled between the two for five years.
  • The juggling was easy; the hard part is now growing the business and looking after employees.
  • Sheri is a member of a venture group, similar to an incubator in the tech world.
  • She can go to the venture group for answers which has revolutionized the way she works.
  • Sheri find happiness in her career but also when helping young girls.
  • Sheri has connected one-on-one with teenage girls at high school to be another person they can turn to in a time of crisis.
  • HIghschool wasn’t the happiest time for Sheri so she enjoys helping other girls through that period in their lives.
  • Sheri is rebranding Scott Architecture to Spring House Architects at the end of November


  • Find a community; Sheri found an online group of female architects which was important in such a male dominated field.
  • Learn from outside sources – not just people in your own sector.
  • Find people who can bring answers to you
  • You don’t have to have all the answers before you start
  • Always have a long range plan, look forward five years.
  • Don’t get too caught up in the planning because then things can’t happen organically but just keep the vision.
  • Broaden your scope, especially if you are a leader.

  • You should be the person that you needed at the hardest time in your life.

  • We can all do a very good service to all women by reaching out and building up young women.

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