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Ep. 47: Kristy Wallace, President of Ellevate Network, Loves Working to Close the Gender Achievement Gap in Business

"For me, I was always putting myself last and that had its implications on my mental health and my physical health. Starting to really put yourself first sounds so bad to say, but it's not, because the healthier and happier you are the better parent and spouse and boss and worker you are. It doesn't have to be all-consuming, but just take some time for yourself. Pick what is fulfilling to you and do it."

Kristy Wallace is President of Ellevate Newtwork, a global professional women's network with the mission of closing the gender achievement gap in business. She also hosts the Ellevate Podcast, having "conversations with women changing the face of business." On this episode, Kristy shares the wisdom she has learned from the women she meets, as well as lessons learned in her own career. Before coming to Ellevate, Kristy founded one tech startup and served on the leadership of another, always doing what she loved. Learn how Kristy crafts her career with intention, takes time to nourish herself, and juggles motherhood of three little ones in the process.

"Your career does not end at 40. You're just hitting your stride. Think about everything you have yet to accomplish and will accomplish. So keep going and be inspired and keep working."

We talk with Kristy about how she got started at Ellevate Network, her best 4 pieces of career advice, how to effectively use your network, moving on from failure, the importance of self-assessment, being a working mother, making time for yourself, channeling your efforts towards the best possible use, getting inspired, how to be more proactive in your career, doing what you love, using awareness and goal-setting to overcome financial risks, accomplishing goals by planning and organizing, and the value of outsourcing.

What you'll learn:

  • Kristy is the President of the Ellevate Network and host of the Ellevate podcast.
  • The network helps women connect to each other, provides education and creates opportunities.
  • Kristy overseas internal staff, global chapters and works with partners to deliver the mission.
  • Kristy has been at the Ellevate network for 3 years.
  • The network was originally started 20 years ago for alumni of Goldman Sachs.
  • Since hosting the podcast Kristy has coagulated the advice into 4 handy tips;
  • It’s ok to fail
  • It’s also all right to ask for help.
  • Networking is key.
  • Your career doesn’t end at 40.
  • Although these tips seem easy in theory, they can be difficult to implement.
  • Kristy was an English and Sociology major and started work in investment banking before quickly realising this wasn’t for her.
  • After banking Kristy went to work for Vault as their business development manager, which was a sales role and she loved it.
  • Rather then saying yes to every meeting invitation, Kristy blocks time out of her schedule to complete important tasks.
  • Kristy’s career highlights come from following her mission and always doing jobs which align with this.
  • In between career moves Kristy took time for self-assessment and after her time at Vault she travelled the world with her 7-month-old baby.
  • If there is something you want to learn then just put it out into your network.
  • By helping others in your network, this will come around full circle when you need help.
  • Kristy speaks with her family about money and they set goals each year about where they want their money to go. 
  • This discussion involves her children so they become aware of the value of money.
  • Kristy and her twin worked in their father’s dentist office from a young age so they learnt the value of money.


  • Take days of reflection where you can do self-assessment about the previous year.
  • In these moments of reflection inspiration is more likely to strike.
  • Take time to focus on yourself and write goals.
  • Don’t fixate too much on the future because it can change so much.
  • It’s easy to live life too quickly and move from paycheck to pay check but it’s important to take time to evaluate.
  • Get over the fear of networking.
  • Know about your money and (if possible) your partner’s money and be realistic about spending on necessities.
  • Outsource where you can, e.g. get your groceries delivered.
  • Grow a strong support network.
  • Let go of the things you can’t control or make you unhappy.
  • Focus on the things you care about.
  • Don’t make excuses; if you need something then ask for it.

Learn more:

  • Twitter: @kristysisko