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Ep. 5: Art Therapist and Artist Irena Kenny Embraces Not Knowing All the Answers

Irena Kenny shares her path to becoming a successful art therapist and artist, starting out as a young girl growing up in the Czech Republic.  Although art has always been a central part of Irena's life, she talks about moments in her life when she lost her art - including upon becoming a mom.  Irena shares lessons about the importance of being open and the value of not knowing all the answers.


  • You don't need to know all the answers and, in fact, it is better not to know all the answers
  • Be open to anything that can happen, as anything is possible

Key Notes:

  • Irena Kenny is a psychotherapist with a specialization in working with children and adolescents.
  • Irena studied art therapy at the Pratt Institute.  She uses art therapy to help clients work through what is hard to express in words.
  • Irena's art starts with no plan; she just follows where the pencil goes.
  • After losing her art upon motherhood, Irena eventually reclaimed "her phantom limb" and it became fully functional once again. .
  • Even though Irena is a solo practitioner, she still encounters challenges related to her gender in the workplace.