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Ep. 58: Amanda Hesser, Co-founder and CEO of Food52, Carves Her Own Path

"I've always felt that there wasn't a prescribed path for me. I had to carve that path myself. To me, my career has always been about following my passion and interests and wanting to make sure that I was doing something that felt really challenging."

Amanda Hesser is the Co-founder and CEO of Food52, an award-winning online food and kitchen destination. Before Food52, Amanda was a celebrated food writer for the New York Times, the author of several cookbooks, including the New York Times Essential Cookbook, and had reached the top of her field. But she was determined to keep challenging herself and to forge a career that truly made her happy, and she made the bold leap to entrepreneurship. Neither of Amanda's parents went to college, and Amanda views this as an advantage -- she was not expected to conform to a set of rules or a particular path, so she carved her own.

"It takes years of being in your career to understand yourself better. I think that paying attention to those lessons and signals is a key to a happier career."