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Ep. 69: Sassy Pants CEO Nancy Calderone Thinks You Have The Perfect Body Right Now

"We think that you have the perfect body right now. You have nothing to do to change that. So that's the heavy symbology we're building and growing."

Nancy Calderone, CEO of Sassy Pants, is on a mission to create quality, functional athletic apparel that is inclusive of those left out of traditional fitness culture. She is building a fitness company and a community that believes you have the perfect body right now, and that your fitness apparel should make you feel that way. Listen to hear what inspired Nancy to launch Sassy Pants as a side hustle on top of her job in technology policy, how what we wear impacts our state of mind, and why you should give yourself the grace to pivot in your career.

"I have so many different things I'm interested in in the world, but I only get so many hours a week to do them. So how do I do them all, if the answer is to do them all?"

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"I wish I would have given myself the grace to change [when I first started my career] move on, to say that was great and I'm glad I had that experience, but I'm interested in this whole world of other things. Let's go try some of them and see what happens."