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Ep. 88: Why You Should Go All In, With Author and Entrepreneur Klyn Elsbury

“The quicker you can give up the need to feel like you have to be right, the quicker everything will happen for you.”

In this episode, host Sally Hubbard introduces us to entrepreneur and author Klyn Elsbury, who got the idea for her book when she was sitting in her hospital bed struggling with Cystic Fibrosis. Klyn had lost most of her lung function and she decided that instead of watching TV she was going to get on LinkedIn and reach out to some amazing people.

From that moment came her book, “I AM _____: The Untold Story of Success,” a series of mindsets, events, stories that anyone can use to hit their next level of success, whatever that means for them. She describes it as part discovering your way, part connecting to your purpose, and part good habits to implement on your journey.

Her book features raw stories from incredibly successful people — who weren’t always successful. On this episode, she shares lessons learned from all the entrepreneurs she interviewed and how she has implemented them in her life to go further than she thought possible.

“Model the people you want to be like and the people you want to learn from.”

Sally and Klyn discuss how Klyn founded her recruiting business, what she credits for making so much happen in her life, the power of the words we use, and the importance of going all in on what you really want.

Klyn shares her view that there is advantage in adversity. When Sally then asked Klyn if she felt her health struggle of living with Cystic Fibrosis has been an advantage to her in some way, Kyln responded, “Absolutely, without a doubt.” Klyn certainly hasn’t let her health condition slow her down – she recently was the top-rated speaker at a high-profile event, despite being on an IV during her presentation.

“If you think ‘I am not a speaker, I am not something, I am not enough,’ you aren’t.”

Listen to this episode to get inspired to go all in on what you really want and shift to a mindset of success.