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Ep. 93: Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, Never Stops Learning

“Life is about risk in order to gain the reward.”

Alicia Tillman is the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, the global market leader in enterprise software. Reaching the C-Suite in itself is a huge accomplishment when women account for only 18% of C-Suite executives, and Alicia has done it.

She started her career right out of college with a bold move that landed her at a company that offered her incredible learning opportunities right out of the gate. Alicia submitted her job application even though she didn’t have most of the qualifications listed on the job description.

“I knew what I wanted to do, but I also knew that others are better equipped and capable of knowing what the role requires and could perhaps see something in me that I have, but didn't know could be a fit.”

From there, she got to work hand-in-hand with the CEO and then found her footing in communications and marketing at American Express and finally SAP.

“People are always looking for great talent and if someone sees something in you, believe it exists and go after it.”

But she didn’t get there alone. In this episode, Alicia speaks to the importance of collaboration and teamwork in creating success for herself and for the companies she has worked for. In fact, she believes that collaboration and other skills that typically come naturally to women are really needed in today’s environment for success and better business outcomes.

“I’m always someone who asks for feedback often because it’s important for your own personal growth and development. Because we can never stop learning, regardless of how many years that we’ve been in an industry.”

In this episode, she also shares advice on best strategies for prioritization and how to easily get mentors.

“The moments that I have cherished are the opportunities I’ve had to build high performing teams. I’m a big believer in really getting the best out of people.”