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    About Sally

    Creator and Host Sally Hubbard has been a commentator and advocate of women’s equality her entire professional life. Through interviews and real-life storytelling, Sally’s mission is to create a movement of women celebrating each other’s successes and inspiring one another.


    With her intuitive and fearless mother and grandmother blazing the trail, Sally was exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age. Sally attended NYU Law School and later became an investigative journalist, ultimately striving to break her biggest story yet: how do successful women do it? Inspired by the stories of other women shattering the proverbial “glass ceiling,” she looks to reveal an unprecedented playbook for how women can kill it in their careers.


    Through her honest, uninhibited conversations with these women, Sally repeatedly finds herself inspired and motivated to #keepkillingit

    She resides with her husband and two kids in Brooklyn, New York.


    Learn about Sally's work as an antitrust expert see her work on how monopolies amplify gender inequality at sallyhubbard.com

  • Carolyn M. Duncan

    Producer, Women Killing It! Podcast and Conversational AI Product Leader

    As Producer of WKI, Carolyn has driven the expansion of high-profile guest interviews, including securing and coordinating writers and leaders such as Gretchen Rubin, Nilofer Merchant, Jill Filipovic, Christyl Johnson, Jessica Lin and Alicia Tillman.


    Carolyn is a proud supporter of the WKI team’s efforts to help women “find their joy” in their careers and lives – and in her own daily life, she leads Conversational AI product innovation teams in a leading Financial Services firm, enjoys traveling and expanding her network of tech & innovation enthusiasts and cherishes her time with her husband and 3 sons just outside of NYC.


    Twitter: @cmad4homer

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/carolynduncan-tech

    Eryn Johnson

    Head of Social Media Marketing and Editorial


    Eryn has been sharing Women Killing It! podcasts and pro-women content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ever since the podcast launched. Eryn also writes articles featuring each podcast episode and sends out the Women Killing It! newsletter. In addition to being a social media expert and writer, Eryn is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, traveler, freelancer, & seeker. Eryn also hosts her own podcast, Living Open.




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