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Ep. 109: “When In Doubt, Gas It,” With Christine Weber, Engineering SVP at Sling TV and Race Car Driver

Written by Eryn Johnson

“I really don’t see specifically gender defining who I am. I want people to see me for me and for what I can offer and for what I can contribute.”

In this episode of the Women Killing It! podcast, host Sally Hubbard introduces us to Christine Weber, the brains behind the tech industry’s first-ever live streaming TV service, helping disrupt the television, tech, and entertainment industries. A 30-year tech veteran and Sling TV’s most senior female executive, Christine leads a team of more than 250 technical experts, programmers and engineers as they build the future of live streaming TV.

“If you have passion about what you’re doing, you’re going to do it far better and you’re going to stick with it…if you really believe in something, you’re going to have that tenacity that it takes to continue on through the tough times.”

Christine is often the only woman in the room as a high-level executive in the male-dominated tech industry. She shares her experiences as a woman in the industry and her thoughts about why women are actually uniquely suited for this field. She believes we can get more women in tech and offers her ideas in this episode.

Christine’s number one role model was her mother. “She always instilled in us that you control your destiny and go for it. If you have something that you’re passionate about, go for it and stay with it. It’s really what started the drive in me.”

Mentors throughout her college experience and career also guided Christine. They’ve helped her follow her passion even when others doubted her and get comfortable asking for help, something that doesn’t come naturally to her.

“I’m not wired that way, to ask for help. And yet I have built some of the strongest alliances in my career when I ask for help and I involve other people.”

Christine also races cars, and feels that her hobby helps her in her career with owning her own decisions, thinking fast, being bold, just going for it, and more.

“When in doubt, gas it.”

Listener Bonus: Stay tuned to the end of this episode, to hear Alli Young, CEO of The Forem, talk about one of her five critical skills for women to bring their career to the next level… personal branding.

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