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Ep. 111: Heather Dominick Helps Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs Create Business Miracles

Heather Dominick is the founder of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement and creator of A Course in Business Miracles. 20% of the population are "highly sensitive," but most don't know it. Heather helps highly sensitive people learn how to use their abilities to support them in being purposeful, profitable and empowered as an entrepreneur rather than scattered, poor and undervalued.

A Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® is a person with highly sensitive abilities who has chosen to use their sensitive traits within the world of self-employment. Most likely as a highly sensitive person you’ve been given the message over time that your special qualities are not assets but hindrances. But in truth you’re coded to be extremely successful, teaches Heather.

Heather is hosting a LIVE Teleclass on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 12pm, EASTERN, where she will be sharing some important insights she sees are needed for us in 2019 now more than ever and the changes she’ll personally be making to her business as a result. Use this affiliate link to register for the free teleclass and support the Women Killing It! podcast in the process:

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for tips on building leadership skills from Alli Young, CEO of The Forem.