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Ep. 28: Alex Moroch, FEM Marketing Founder, is Not Afraid to Fail

"Failure is an option. I think a lot of people have this crazy mentality that if they fail that means that they're wrong or that people are going to judge them, and I see it as a stepping stone, as a learning opportunity to whatever's next."

Failure is an option, says Alex Moroch, founder of the Los Angeles-based FEM Marketing. On this episode, Alex talks about her fearless career path and provides advice for others seeking more fulfilling careers. Hear how Alex learned not to be afraid to ask questions and to ask for the help of others to maximize her impact.

In this episode we discuss her journey to starting FEM Marketing, proud moments along the way, taking a leap of faith by leaving her job, how her prior work experience helped her with FEM, her advice for other women, the importance of asking questions, and more!

"Life is so short and unpredictable, and if you find yourself looking up, questioning what you're doing or how you're doing it or who you're doing it with, the greatest advice I would give you is just to do it and if you fail it's okay."

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Alex is the founder of FEM marketing, a creative marketing agency based in LA.
  • FEM does content creation, media planning, strategy, analytics and experiential marketing.
  • Alex also works pro-bono with two non-profits. 
  • The first is Happy Period which provides feminine hygiene products for homeless women.
  • The second is End Rape on Campus which is bringing awareness about rape in high schools and college campuses.
  • Alex left work in December and did some consulting work which pushed her into starting her own business.
  • A highlight moment for Alex was going to watch her first business cards be printed.
  • Alex used to work on the McDonalds account which was a huge learning experience.
  • Alex left her large marketing company because she felt like a cog in a large machine and wanted to be more hands on and see actual change.
  • When she started in December she did everything herself but has grown the business since May and now has employees.


  • You can always ask more questions.
  • Asking questions is an integral part of success; the more you ask the more people will begin to volunteer information.
  • You aren’t stupid if you don’t know the answers.
  • Ask for help.

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