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Ep. 39: Shannon Lorraine Reinvents PR and Branding for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

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"Blind passion got me in it and the work I do with my clients keeps me in it."

When asked what gave her the courage to start her own company at the young age of 27, Shannon Lorraine answered "blind passion" and "foolishness." Although she may not have known how hard entrepreneurship would be, her company Foundfuture has been going strong for more than ten years now, with Shannon finding the answers along the way. Listen for Shannon's story of creating her own destiny, reinventing existing PR/branding models to a more connected, full-service approach, and finding the time to be hands-on at her daughter's school amidst it all.

"It's really easy to be busy and think that you're being effective and wear it as a badge of pride. When really, busy is really not a badge of pride. It doesn't prove that you're good at your job because you sent in an email at 3 AM or you respond to your clients right away. It can almost make you ineffective."

What you'll learn:

  • Shannon is the founder of Foundfuture.
  • Foundfuture is a branding and PR company for lifestyle and fashion brands.
  • Shannon was previously a buyer for Nordstrom.
  • Shannon studied English and Theatre at university and had planned to become a professor.
  • While working at Nordstrom she felt that the relationship between PR, brands, shops and designers was cold and disconnected.
  • Foundfuture is a more hands-on company that works with the brand from sketch to factory floor.
  • Shannon only chooses clients whose company she can become completely invested in.
  • When Shannon first started she took every job that came along and so they became the first sustainable design agency in the US.
  • Shannon became pregnant shortly after starting her first business and used to bring the baby to meetings.
  • Working with the baby was only possible because Shannon worked for herself.
  • Shannon is heavily involved with the PTA and fundraising for the local primary school.
  • The skills of budgeting and financial planning learned at the PTA are invaluable when running her own business.
  • Shannon’s proudest moments are when she sees clients survive in the mainstream markets and when she helps women-led businesses.
  • Gender in fashion plays an important role with women vs women. There is a strong feeling of having to dress “correctly”.
  • Shannon’s mentor is Julie Merriman Wray of Olivine Atelier. Julie has shown Shannon that it’s ok to say no and walk away.

"As hard as it is owning your own business, the trade-off of being able to spend time with my daughter is huge."


  • Learn the business side of business; how to do projections and not just focus on the creative side.

  • Calming your mind can help you reach the best ideas.

  • Being busy is not a badge of pride and won’t help you come up with the best ideas.

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