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Ep. 65: Ilyana Kadushin Uses Her Gifts To Be Of Service

"What I learned and wish I really wholeheartedly knew when I was younger was that the greatest resistance was my own. I was giving myself such resistance to being myself...[when you release that] you can really be present in every moment. We're so often kind of straddling-- we're in something but we're also in the next moment or you're in your self doubt. That's all the resistance. That's the most insidious because you're not aware of it, so it's the hardest to get out from under."

Ilyana Kadushin is a voice performer, music and documentary producer, audio book narrator, podcast host, and founder of Stories Love Music Inc., a creative engagement program for elders with memory loss and their care givers. Learn about her relentless activism and the importance of overcoming the resistance within. Hear about Ilyana's career path -- a series of fascinating projects, many of which involve Ilyana utilizing her talents to be of service. From hosting the "No, I know" podcast with her husband to producing the award-winning documentary, Separate But Equal, Ilyana refuses to just "dial it in."

“I paid attention to my own interests, my own desires…and let transformation happen...I don't believe we're meant to be static."

We discuss Ilyana’s background, her newest venture Stories Love Music Inc., the burden of unpaid caregiving work that disproportionately falls on women, the link between history and our elders, her desire to affect change, her love for activism, using your gifts for service, her podcast discussing difficult subjects with inspiring people, highlights from her career including producing the Separate But Equal documentary, being present, overcoming resistance, and the importance of self-talk.

"Follow your envy. Why are you envious of that person? Then apply it to you."

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