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Ep. 66: Musician Amelia Robinson Makes Sure She's Enjoying Her Work First and Foremost

"If you follow your nose you'll go somewhere. And if you stay true to yourself and authentic to who you are, the universe will respond in a positive way."

Amelia Robinson is a classically trained musician, as well as a composer, producer, and entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Mil's Trills, a children's music project that invites families to celebrate community through interactive performances. Amelia believes in living life to the fullest and is "not really interested in doing what everyone else has done." Her career has included traveling the world with a ukelele and even forming and conducting an orchestra of 500 people playing bicycle bells in a London square! Get inspired by Amelia's lessons of paying attention, accepting the flow of making art, prioritizing self care, and building friendships around womanhood.

"I'm not really interested in just doing what everybody else has done...I want to push people a little bit further."

In this episode, we discuss what inspired Amelia to start Mil's Trills, the stigma around being a musician, how her upbringing influenced her career, why she makes sure she enjoys her work first and foremost (good quality work flows from that), where her music is headed, her windy career path, building up confidence in the beginning of her career, connecting with people over the ukulele clipped to her backpack, looking for the place where she could fit in within the music community, doing what felt right, and the importance of self care.

"I think the success and opportunities I've had thus far have been a direct representation of the work I've done on myself to really try to love what I do as much as possible."

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