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Ep. 85: How To Achieve Financial Freedom with Former NBC News Anchor Natali Morris

In this episode, hear how Natali Morris, former NBC news anchor and co-founder of Morris Invest, used creative money management to create financial freedom for her family. Natali’s mission is to empower women to take control of their money and start building real long-term wealth. Natali shares her money ah-ha moment and talks about how you can use the same tools she did to hit your “freedom number,” the amount of money you need to bring in passively each month to be free to give up your day job.

“What would it mean for you to have passive income supporting your lifestyle so you can pursue your dreams?”

After leaving a full-time job and six figure paycheck as a news anchor on NBC in order to raise a family, Natali ended up with an unexpected feeling when it came to money: powerlessness. She decided that she was going to figure out how to make money with the money her family already had— and she made it happen. As of October 2017, Natali’s family of five has achieved complete financial freedom due to the creative money and business decisions they’ve made.

The big shift was in starting to think of her family as a business. Once she and her husband created a balance sheet and started using business skills on their family, everything shifted. She realized that “the rich buy assets, the poor buy liabilities” and took a hard look at her family’s balance sheet to really understand where their money was going every month.

“Money can be something that you approach creatively like an art project.”

Natali is passionate about investing in performing assets like real estate to create wealth— instead of relying on the story that the only way to create wealth is to contribute to your 401(k). She thinks of money as an energetic concept, and believes that wealth comes from not only confidence but also competence.

“Your belief about money reflects itself in your bank account.”

Now, Natali and her husband are now focused on inspiring others to run their family finances like a business. Listen to this episode to discover her tips for creative wealth building and taking control of your own life.