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Ep. 86: Fake It Until You Make it Happen with Author, Voice Artist, And MILK Podcast Host Mallory Kasdan

“Everybody is faking it. I really do think that.” ​

Mallory Kasdan is creator and host of MILK Podcast: Moms I’d Like to Know. "Like MILFs, but not," Mallory explains. Mallory is the author of ELLA, a book about the grooviest six year old since Eloise ruled The Plaza in the 1950’s. Mallory is also a professional voice actor for television and radio, and she writes essays about parenting and has produced arts & culture pieces for public radio.

“There’s no one path for how to do something."​

Mallory shares the zig zags of her career path, how connections made when she was at the bottom of the publishing industry hierarchy gave her opportunities later in her career, and the challenges of juggling motherhood and a creative career. Listen wherever you get podcasts get inspired to fake it until you make it!