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Ep. 97: How To Be Confident with Regina Huber, Founder and CEO of Transform Your Performance

“We often think that we must be empowered by the outside, but that’s not really true. The only ones that can empower ourselves are us.”

In this episode of the Women Killing It! podcast, host Sally Hubbard introduces us to Regina Huber, Founder and CEO of Transform Your Performance, who shares how she is closing the confidence gap by helping women empower themselves.

Regina has had a fascinating career path, spending 18 years working in corporate businesses in six different countries. She is now a transformational business and leadership coach for women, a diversity and co-creation advocate, an international speaker with a passion for dance, and the author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine: Speak Powerfully in Any Situation.

“One thing I wish I had known is how much power and potential I have.”

Regina wasn’t always confident. But her inner drive to get to know the world was stronger than her shyness. It forced her to grow, and it propelled her to move all around the world on her own.

In this episode, Regina shares some of her best tools to trick your subconscious into a more confident state and to prepare mentally, physically, and energetically for challenging situations in business— including her unique invention “power dancing” and visualization. She offers advice on how to tap into your inner power in a world that wants to keep you small, and shares key lessons she’s learned around business partnerships and trusting her intuition.

“Our gut is the most important decision maker.”

Sally and Regina also talk about how complacency in the U.S. is being shaken up in regard to women’s rights, striking the balance between doing due diligence and taking action, and the challenges facing women around the world.

Learn more about Regina at Transform Your Performance and find her on Twitter at @transformdance.