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Ep. 98: How to Pivot for Meaningful Success with Business Strategist and Author RM Harrison

“You don’t have to stick with just one thing, you don’t have to settle for a business that isn’t satisfying for you.”

In this episode of the Women Killing It! podcast, host Sally Hubbard introduces us to RM Harrison, a business strategist for women entrepreneurs and the author of the book The Pivot Map, which guides readers through essential shifts to help them achieve long-lasting success. The Pivot Map helps readers create a plan to pivot the way they work and earn to be both financially and personally sustainable.

In her consulting practice, RM specializes in helping women entrepreneurs and other business owners on the verge of professional burnout get re-engaged and reinvigorated in their business. She gives her clients one-on-one strategic insight, direction, and accountability to help them build success that’s customized to their unique genius, values, and priorities.

“What is it you bring to the table? What are the opportunities that are out there and really sort of what’s the common ground between the things that you care about, that you’re interested in, but also things that you can grow into?”

In this episode, RM shares how she helps women entrepreneurs find meaningful success, how to create a business you love, and how to find and monetize your genius.

“If you’re working outside of your strengths, meaning the things that you are exceptional at, then work does feel like it’s exponentially harder to apply yourself to do.”

RM and Sally talk about starting from scratch, being strategic about pivoting in your career (especially when it’s your own business), and the importance of constantly reevaluating what’s working and what isn’t.

Listen to this episode above or wherever you get great podcasts to get inspired to pivot in your career and create a business and career that you love.

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