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Ep. 73: How To Be Confident And Make An Impact With Ashley M. Williams

"Many times when you're starting something new, people will make you feel that you should be at a certain place or people will make you feel inadequate about it. But everybody has their own journey. Some people have a longer journey but that's okay because we all are here to impact people and be on this Earth in a different way."

Ashley M. Williams is the founder and CEO of RIZZARR, the social media platform built by Millennials, for the Millennial creator. Ashley began her career in high school, hosting television shows for an educational access channel. By college, she worked at NBC News and the BBC, and she won the Student Journalist of the Year Award from the National Association of Black Journalists in 2011. She's also been the host of Nation Now at USA Today network. On this episode, Ashley talks about how she had the confidence to work at major networks at such a young age, how she doesn't let obstacles stand in her way, and the importance of making an impact.

"Trust your instincts. I feel like so many times when we have something we want to pursue, we might talk to someone else about it and they might shut it down. But the thing is, if it's your intuition, then it's a vision you might have. Go for it, although other people may not see it. Within time, people will eventually understand where you were coming from."