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Ep. 74: How To Create The Career and Life You Want With Jill Richburg

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"You deserve to be happy and there's no rule in this Universe that says the only way for you to be successful in the world is to succeed at someone else's game. That is not the truth."

Jill Richburg is a life coach, acting coach, and lawyer. Our host Sally Hubbard credits Jill's life coaching for her own career success. Jill's coaching method is premised on her belief that "In this life, you get what you're willing to be, do, or have." On this episode, she provides simple exercises that help you get in touch with your Will and make things happen in your life. Jill also talks about her own career path, and even shares the moment she met Barack Obama as a classmate at Harvard Law School. Listen for advice on how to live your purpose and hear what Jill views as the riskiest career move you could make - it might surprise you!

"The riskiest career move you can make is to do something you don't absolutely love."

"Your purpose is going to be a statement. When you hit on it, it's going to energize you like nobody's business...your life purpose is not a job title. It's a statement of why the Universe put you here."