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Ep. 75: Claudia Chan on This Is How We Rise

"Every human being on the planet can be much more efficient and strategic about leading a purposeful life where you can financially thrive, your family can thrive, your health can thrive, you can do what you love and do that in a way that makes sense for you and your experience and your skills."

Claudia Chan is the CEO of S.H.E. Summit and S.H.E. GLOBL and the author of This Is How We Rise, which releases on October 17. S.H.E. Summit is an award-winning global leadership conference, which has made advancing women’s leadership accessible and actionable. S.H.E. GLOBL Media is a purposeful women’s media and education company that empowers women to lead their optimal personal and professional lives so they can become change agents in their own lives and the world. On this episode, Claudia talks her new book, which provides practical strategies for living your purpose, reaching your potential, and working toward gender equality. She also shares her own life journey and her belief that every person can live a purposeful and big life.

“When you choose an extraordinary life and a big mission, it’s going to be a hard path. You’re going to hit more obstacles.”