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Ep. 76: Rachel Meeropol Makes An Impact As A Social Justice Lawyer

"There are so many different ways to do this work. It doesn't seem to me to be that important to spend your time wondering what the best way or the purest way or the most impactful way [is]. I don't know that that's really the question. I think the question has to be: what's the way that I'm going to be successful in doing this work?"

Rachel Meeropol is a Senior Staff Attorney and Associate Director of Legal Training and Education at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where she works on prisoners’ rights, Muslim profiling, criminalization of dissent, and First Amendment issues. Rachel recently argued before the United States Supreme Court, an experience she describes as "terrifying" but that she wants to repeat! Get inspired by Rachel's successes that have had tremendous impact on the lives of many, including prisoners who got to see the sky for the first time in decades due to her work with others to stop the prisoners' solitary confinement. No matter what your field, learn from Rachel the value of knowing yourself in identifying the role that you are best suited to play.